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Is Your Life Unmasked?

Ask yourself today if you are living a life that needs to be unmasked

Most places require a mask for shopping, movies, church, etc. Wherever there is a crowd of people, and we are not able to remain a safe distance apart. Traveling has changed significantly as a mask is required on an airplane and in other countries as well. I understand this, and I wear a mask. A lot of people have struggled with how political mask wearing has become, I see that too. For me, I like to talk about what it all means for different people and how they are handling the situation.

Okay, so this post is NOT about the masks, AKA face coverings that many of us wear. This is about the masking of our hearts, our spirits and our souls. Some of us, wear a mask over our hearts from the very first time we felt deeply hurt, betrayed, or shamed. For others, we add one mask upon another due to childhood trauma, adult hardship, pain in relationships. The list goes on, right? There are a lot of reasons to hide our hearts behind a mask. Some of us have a lot of secrets…

The desire to live Unmasked has been with me for a long time. I want to be seen, loved, accepted and known; even when the path of getting there is not easy. Writing my book, I AM REAl/BE Unmasked has brought all of this and more to the forefront for me. When I talk with others, I see that they too desire to have a heart that is Unmasked, they too desire to live in a way that is real and free. Loved and accepted.

As I take steps in my life to be internally unmasked, I feel a freedom that is well worth the work. Everyone is different, the masks that you hide behind will not be the same as mine. And, some have more than others. When we experience fear of being seen, fear of man, the masks only become tighter around our spirits, making it difficult to move and breath. I’ve watched people in 2020 with their face coverings; it reminds me of that lost, empty, eerie feeling. Eyes pop out of our faces with an expression of fear and pain, questions of the unknown cover us in silence. This too, happens in a heart that is masked.

A few years back I decided to remove the mask of pleasing man. That meant, for me, I was going to stop living my life in a way that pleased man more than God. I decided to check every motive before moving forward on decisions, and if my motive was to please man over God, I would back away. I took off the mask. I’ve done this with several issues in my life, including the choice to write a book. Slowly, my life has become more Unmasked, enabling me to live life that is real and filled with joy.

Ask yourself today if you are living a life that needs to be unmasked. Is shame, lies, past pain, masking your heart and spirit that you cannot move forward? Pray to your Father about it all and ask him to Unmask you.

Jesus wants to be unmasked in your life. He ended his book with Revelation, which means unveiled. What masks are you wearing that keeps you from seeing Jesus unveiled in your life? He will unmask you, so you can see!

BE Unmasked, spread the word!

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