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Continuing on…

The ever present God continues on

I left you last time with updates on our trip to Hawaii, and the good news of being told that my cancer was completely gone. I realize that a lot of people may attribute the cancer being gone due to chemo and radiation, and I’m sure that helped. But, the doctors were certain that even with chemo and radiation I would likely need surgery, because stage three cancer doesn’t usually go away that easily or quickly. So, for me, I give God the credit, even if He did do it all through chemo and radiation.

The healing journey for me is not yet finished, as you know I have Lynch Syndrome (God can heal that too) and that requires immunotherapy. I went in for my first treatment, not really knowing what to expect but hoping for the best. It wasn’t that great. I mean the treatment itself is only a 30 minute infusion. The worst part is getting the IV, which most nurses seem to struggle with on my tiny veins. But, the days after have been really something! The first two-ish weeks I felt sick. Fatigue, achy, itchy, just an overall feeling of not good. It was actually pretty hard, not the easy peezy I was hoping for.

Immunotherapy is every three weeks for eight treatments, by the time three weeks were over I felt pretty good again and headed back to the doctor for treatment # 2. But, the doctor’s office was not in alignment with my insurance and wanted me to pay 15,000 dollars out of pocket, I declined. From there we waited several more weeks for them to get things worked out and I then went in for treatment #2. There was only one problem, and that was my skin. It decided to break out in a raging rash that itched and was painful. The doctor decided it would be better to wait a little longer. So off I went to apply medication and hope for the best.

Three weeks later I returned with the rash still raging and the decision was made to wait a little longer. Now, here I am, slowly improving with seven treatments still ahead.

In the meantime of waiting and rashing we spent time with Grands, something that has been limited since diagnosed with cancer. It’s always nice to have time with them to catch up and see how much they’ve grown! Also, my friends have visited a few times and made a very special meal that met my no sugar, organic diet.

And, our daughter went to France on a mission trip. Oh my goodness, this was so exciting for me, and heart wrenching at the same time. We are very proud of her and watching her grow, as well as all our boys, has been amazing. Seeing her take off on her own to France to meet up with her team, all people I didn’t know, was a test of faith for me. She did great and came back with life changing experiences. I’m so thankful God gave her this opportunity.

Not only all of this, but did I mention that I have the greatest friends? They gave me a cancer free party! Everyone got together, brought food, and celebrated the good news with me. I loved it.

Side note, if you know someone that is cancer free or fighting cancer, check out the shirts on this website in the store.

This brings us to May and our daughter graduates from ministry school. She been studying online for the past nine months, and it’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the next chapter. My husband, daughter and I packed up the car and drove to California for her week of graduation festivities. It was a lot of fun because I too was able to connect with old friends from when I went to ministry school. We also took a day to go to the Redwoods and explore. One of my dearest friends came along with us, and even though it poured rain all day long we had a delightful time. I also was blessed to give my testimony in church. I had no idea this was going to happen, but I went to the front just to talk to someone and tell them the news. Then she said “Do you want to get on stage and tell everyone?” I said “Um, right now, like this second?” “Yes, this second!” she cheerily responded. So I did!

On our way home I started to feel sick, this on top of the still present rash, was not very welcomed. The day after getting home was a scheduled immunotherapy day, but the common thread in this blog seems to be the ever present rash, and it continues on. So, once again, treatment was postponed another two weeks!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner I was excited to see all my kids and we had a big fun day planned. They had blocked out the whole day to hang with me on Saturday, and that in itself is a gift. Not that I want to be a downer or anything, but I got sick, in bed, throw-up, achy, yucky day. I did hang out with them and watched a movie. They still stayed around for me which was nice. Once again, immunotherapy takes credit for my poor symptoms, apparently side effects show up for as long as a year after treatment. Honestly, I was struggling to find the good in my yucky sick days, but there is always good somewhere, and after giving it some thought, I was able to tap into some joy. Mother’s Day itself I felt much better and still spent time with two kids and went out for lunch. My husband and I had a fun drive; it was a very nice day. To top off the day a lady in Costco complimented me on how great I look with grey hair and how much she loved my husbands shirt (another design on this site in the store)

At this point, I don’t know when treatment will end or what other side effects I may have, but it continues on. This I do know, God is ever present and in all things He brings good–somehow, someway. I feel very blessed to be where I am right now, alive and with a family and friends that love me. God continues to continue on with the eternal plan for each of us. He loves us so deeply and it brings me joy to know that He is happy and excited to see me and spend time with me; it’s just the same for you. It gives me the needed strength to keep going, keep gratitude flowing, and keep believing. What keeps you going?


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