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One Year

It was one year ago this February that I had severe pains in my abdomen and went to the emergency room. I knew deep down that something was wrong, but upon examination the doctor decided otherwise. I insisted on having a scan before I went home, which he obliged. The scan was clear. So, I went home with the idea that it was diverticulitis and began to make changes with my diet. Unfortunately, this did not work and I went back to the doctor a few months later only to be told that it was cancer. But, after reading pathology, the doctor then said it was not cancer—so there was some confusion. I asked to be referred to a specialist. It was then that stage three cancer was confirmed along with a gene defect called Lynch syndrome. I was referred to another specialist and immediately began chemo and radiation. Neither of which I found fun, but was grateful for treatment. I was told that I would likely need surgery and immunotherapy. The love and support I experienced from friends and family was above and beyond during this time. Thank you, you all know who you are.

Today I found out that the latest pathology report showed NO CANCER. The blood work is completely clear. I am cancer free! Because I do have Lynch syndrome, I will still need to undergo immunotherapy, thankfully it increases my chances of never getting cancer again by 90percent! That begins in 2-4 weeks for a duration of 6-12 months.

Okay, now for the last couple of months. In January a friend and I drove to Redding CA for the Randy Clarke healing conference. We met two friends there and shared an Air b and b; we had such a nice time. A lot of people prayed for me while at the conference and I felt the power of Holy Spirit on several occasions. I believe it was there that God totally zapped the cancer and commanded it to leave my body. So many people at that conference told me that I would live a long life, that the diagnosis was not the end of me!

Shortly after the conference, my husband and I left for Oahu, Hawaii. He had not been to this island before and we were excited to have a week together. It was a lot of fun. We stayed in a high rise on the 33rd floor. There was a massive wind storm, and I kid you not, the building actually swayed in the wind. It was a little disconcerting. I woke up during the night while our building was swaying and started to feel a little panic creep in. But then I heard this: “Shhh..be still, I will fight for you.” It’s exactly what I needed to hear in that moment and I rolled over and was swayed to sleep!

The view from our room was amazing and we enjoyed it everyday. We watched people canoe up and down the canal, and had some lovely walks beside the water. We were close to the beach and shopping; it was great.

We spent the week exploring the many beautiful beaches and tasting shave ice from the best rated places. We visited Pearl Harbor, Polynesian Cultural Center, and food trucks. It was a delightful time, and something I know we both will treasure for a long time. We got a lot of rest too which was needed. The warmth and sun were perfect!

After a week of Oahu fun, my husband flew back home. I flew to the Big Island, and my daughter, daughter in-law, and granddaughter flew to the Big Island to meet me. We all arrived at similar times, got our Toyota Four Runner and headed to our little shack on the coffee farm. Upon arriving we were thankful for the Four Runner, the road getting to the farm was full of deep ruts and potholes and needed something with high clearance.

The next morning I woke to another beautiful view. The little dwelling was nothing fancy; the bathroom wasn’t even attached to it. We had to walk across the yard to get to a small building for a shower and toilet. But, the night sounds, the view, all of it had such peaceful vibes we found it an adventure.

Our first day there we went to Sacred Grounds for coffee, which is a favorite spot of mine. We had beach time, and watched the sunset. Pretty chill day. Everyday we went to the beach, a new one, drove the island, ate good food, and slept long hours at night. It was very relaxing and fun to be with my girls.

I marvel at God’s creativity. He has added beauty to every place in one way or another. The sounds of nature and the waves that pound on the beach. Kind people, good food, fun adventures, it all adds to the beauty of each place. I love it. My body seems to thrive in warmer climates. The dry itchy skin goes away, my energy level rises, everything about it is better or me. But, alas, I live in a cold climate and have to figure out ways to get my needs met. I’m buying a sun lamp!

We were greeted with a 5.7 earthquake our first full day there. Now that was interesting. The coffee shop we went to had experienced a lot of damage. The owner was visibly shaken (no pun intended!!)

Naturally, Im already thinking about the next time I will get to visit such a beautiful place. We flew a red eye to get home and arrived around 9:30 in the morning. God treated me to a first class upgrade the entire trip home, and I happily accepted. I was able to sleep and didn’t feel too bad upon arrival.

Coming home is always nice. I might complain about the cold gray weather, but all of my family lives within close proximity to us and I find that comforting. I love my family.

As I was putting things away yesterday in my closet and talking to God, thanking God for my NO CANCER news a prominent thought and image came to mind. I saw God smiling, almost joyfully laughing and He said “I’m so happy for you!” It was a striking thought. I have not ever thought of it in that way, but of course He is happy about my good report, and responsible for it as well. It really lifted me to think about it and gave me a little extra boost for the upcoming immunotherapy that will take place over the next several months. God has promised me long life, and I’m here to say He is putting that promise into action. I feel grateful. This experience with cancer has given me a closer view of the many people that go through this journey, and it’s not an easy journey. I’ve been honored to send out 12 “Abolish Cancer” shirts so far, and hope to send more. Every time someone buys a shirt from my site, I send a shirt to someone that is battling cancer. It’s been great. If you’d like to contribute to this fun project here’s a link to my store and a picture of the shirt I usually send out.

We are the children of God, we are not defeated, but we have victory We have an inheritance of good from His Kingdom, and I have seen that first hand over and over again. God’s Word is full of creative power and when we agree with His Word, we experience that power. I carry His power in my bloodline and for that reason I will proclaim victory for myself and my family, in Jesus name.


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