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Leaning Into Promise

God is eternal, he inhabits eternity, and eternity is filled with his glory. Nothing will ever change that.
“Yahweh says, ‘Let the people return to me. Build! Build up the road, clear the way, and get ready! Remove every obstacle from their path.’ For this is what the high and majestic One says, the one who fills the eternal realm with glory, whose name is Holy: ‘ I will dwell in high and holy places but also with the bruised and lowly in spirit, those who are humble and quick to repent. I dwell with them to revive the spirit of the humble, to revive the heart of those who are broken over their sin. You will not find me continually accusing them or holding anger against them, lest they feel defeated and lose heart before me. For I am the One who gave the breath of life to my people. It was their sin and greed that made me angry, so I struck them and hid my face from them. But, they continued in rebellion, following their own desires. Even though I’ve seen their ways, I will heal them. I will guide them forward and repay them with comfort, giving mourners the language of praise. I offer peace to those who are far from me, and I offer peace to those that are near, and I will heal their deepest wounds,’ says Yahweh.”
Isaiah 57:15-20
This year, 2020, many of us have become acutely aware of the unrest that rivals through out our entire country. In history we have certainly had times of unrest, but in my lifetime, 2020 has been the worst yet. I hear many people questioning the reality of God’s words, His promises to us. I see political parites fighting and calling each other names, even within our own families. Fear continues to rear its ugly head as we approach an election that has many of us on edge. Both sides fear that the others nominee will be elected, both sides have reasons why it will be the end of everything precious! Both sides work hard to offer up compelling evidence in an effort to convince the other party. I find it all very interesting, and this year more than any other year I follow it all closely.
At the same time I am encouraged to lean into the promises of God, His words. For I believe that even though He was referrring to the people of Israel in the verse above, He also says these things to us today. His love for us is not limited to time, place, or people. He is calling all of us as a nation to return to him. He is urging us to build our lives in him, and to pray for every obstacle to be removed, and there are many obstacles right now. God is eternal, he inhabits eternity, and eternity is filled with his glory. Nothing will ever change that.
He sees far more than we do in the circumstances before us, he sees our sinful ways, yet still he is longing to dwell amoung us at an even deeper level. He is offering to revive hearts, minds, and spirits. We as a people accuse each other pointing our fingers and flinging unkindness, yet God does not accuse us. He sees the brokeness that causes our pain and fear. He sees no reason to leave us in a place of defeat, whatever the outcome. God is the One that gave us life imn the first place, His breath. Why do we waste it? Why do we allow this unrest, bitterness, violence, and hate towards each other to suck the breath of life right out of us?  Even with such outright rebellion, He is there to heal.
Join me in leaning on the promise of peace. Pray with me for our country, for the people. Give him your deepest wounds and watch what he will do. 
please comment below your prayers as we join together.


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