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Feels Good

"It was a great book...."

The best part of my day was reading a text from my son. He had just finished reading my book, I Am Real/BE unmasked, and one of the things he said was this: “It was a great book”! While writing the book I was very aware of my children and how it might impact them. I spent a lot of time in protective mode. And, eventhough four of my children are adults, that feeling of wanting to keep them protected and safe never goes away. I want life to be good for them all the time. I wanted to be able to speak my truth without causing harm to them. So, when my son sent a text praising my book it felt so good I couldn’t stop crying. It was amazing.

To add to the “feels good” moment, I read a prayer that someone left for me on FB. And, a very tender plug from another son; that was so touching. It was empowering, thoughtful, and kind. I read it over a couple of times and I felt a release of joy in my decision to write this book. My husband has been praying that there would be a special annointing on my book, and that too has carried me through. It all just feels so good. 

All of this brings me to my study of Isaiah 55 this morning.  “For you will leave your exile with joy and be led home wrapped in peace. The mountains and hills in front of you will burst into singing and the trees of the field will applaud! Cypress trees will flourish where there were only thorns and myrtle trees instead of nettles. There will stand as a testimony to Yahweh’s renown, everlasting signs that will not be cut off.”

Isaiah 55:12-13

These verses are a metaphor describing the return of God’s people out of captivity. The very thing that once limited His people as a barrier, the mountains and hills, now celebrate with singing as God’s people leave captivity and come into their full God-given purpose.  The thorns are a symbol of sin, and Jesus is the man like a tree, he replaces the briars and thorns of our flesh with the flourishing tree of life in us. (TPT)

I relate a lot to this. I know what it’s like to feel as if I am in captivity. I’ve felt as if there are huge barriers around me that keep me trapped. I’ve also experienced the incredible miracle of those barriers turning into blessings, and being used in my life for freedom! Every day I experience the fullness of God’s purpose a little more as I am wrapped in His peace and given room to grow!

 It feels good!

God wants us to experience freedom. He wants us to be full of praise for Him, and as I was crying from the praise of my son, I pictured God doing the same when I praise him for who He is! Tears of joy that are followed with peace and the continued everlasting knowledge that I will not be cut off from this immense love of God, not ever!

So, I’m thankful for the feel good moments, and even for the not so good, as I can see how God has led me on a path that certainly led to joy.

What’s your feels good today?


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