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I AM REAL: BE Unmasked

"How could I be valuable if I was so easily erased?"

-Bethany Elle, I Am Real

The last several months have been writing a book. I’ve talked about it a lot and spent hours thinking about it, now, it’s here. Published! And, it’s kinda weird. I Am Real/BE Unmasked is available on Amazon, but if you want a better deal, then I recommend the link to the website below.  I’m excited to get a box of books, mostly because I wrote the book, and it feels like a big accomplishment. And, for a limited time, when you order off of the link below you will also receive a FREE gift!

As I’ve mentioned from time to time, publishing a book about a portion of my life is scary. Now that it’s out there for anyone to buy; it still feels scary, along with exciting. I also want to take the time today to thank three ladies that added their story to my book, so, really it’s our story. They bravely wrote down their words, sharing a vulnerablity that not many are brave enough to share with the world. I admire this. And, I’m thankful for it too. I know it takes courage, as I had many a day where I questioned if writing my story was a good idea. Yet, I did it, because I believed God was calling me to write, to share, to tell.

I spent a lot of years guarding my story because I felt afraid. I told myself that I didn’t want to expose secrets. I was afraid of what other people might say, and my ability to handle rude comments. I was afraid it would be hard for my children. I was afraid, so I remained quiet. But, then something within changed over time and I realized that the fear that kept me quiet was far more damaging to me than the truth. I realized that for years now I have believed that God was telling me to speak truth, yet still, I was quiet. I realized that fear was driving me, not love. 

So, it’s been an interesting journey for me, kinda long, but even in that I have learned to lean into the presence of God and trust that His timing is far better than my own. I’ve grown to have a deep appreciation for people that write books, because there are so many great books out there, and it’s not easy to get there. I am far from the best-seller I dream to be, but this is my first book, so I can always try again. It’s not perfect, but it has accomplished something very good. It has healed places within me that I had not realized needed some healing. It has given me a new level of strength, identity, joy, and peace. I have learned so much about the support around me, and the lack there of. I have felt grounded in an internal truth about who God says he is and the miraculous ways He works inside of my heart everyday. I have learned that there is a lot that goes on inside the author of a book that most people never see. I am so thankful for the opportunity.

So, yes! I can now say I am a published author. But, mostly I can say that because of God’s leading Hand, I am confident that He has been there the entire way!


Audio book in process and will be ready for purchase on Audible in about one week!


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