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time counts!

I am believing that the life I live now is heavenly, and in heaven I am seated next to Christ.

Life sure does happen fast, doesn’t it? Our youngest is 17, our oldest grandchild is 11, Little girls my kids played with are married or getting married, babies are born and loved ones die. How does it all happen so fast? We’ve had a lot of rainy days in our town, and sometimes it feels like life slows down in the rain–until the sun starts to shine and the reality is that everything was still moving along at a rapid pace even in the rain. I just didn’t see it. Now, we have some sun and I’m very thankful for it. I want to soak in the presence of warmth, because, faster than I can think, it will be Fall and the air will be cool again.

We recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary (yes, again) We’ve had more than one celebration! As I watched our kids, grandkids, and friends at our party it really struck me how fast life is. It was just yesterday that I walked down that aisle, just moments ago that my first child was born, only a few days ago that we welcomed our first grandchild. There are times that I consider the time I’ve wasted, and pray that the days ahead will be spent more wisely. The thing about being young is we just don’t realize how quickly it is gone. I was wrapped in kid raising, laundry, and dirty dishes. Life was work way back in the day. But, now I see it could’ve been lighter in some ways had I invested in different ways. But, the past is gone and here we are today. This present moment calls me to talk to God as my friend. It challenges me to change habits that may not be the most beneficial. It beckons me to embrace rest and not be in a hurry to see the end of day. Today allows me to be still.

It’s not raining, and I’m going to enjoy it with meaning. I am not called to live a crazy busy life, but instead to walk in a mindful, hopeful, joyful journey. I’m invited to be nostalgic over all the gifts of the past and turn each one of them into a present treasure. I want my family to look back twenty years from now and be thankful for the investments we have made into their lives. The trips, walks, bike rides, dinners, and time given in each encounter will hopefully pack their day with richness.

I am believing that the life I live now is heavenly, and in heaven I am seated next to Christ. In heaven work is fun, family enjoy each other, friends surround us. In heaven every encounter is full and adventurous. In heaven life is forever. Peace reigns within and without. Courage marks my life with an eagerness to see Jesus more. Hope does not doubt. Heaven floods hearts with every step and brings an assurance of love that settles souls. It is good.

Whatever your journey is today, I pray that you experience heaven. I pray for abundance in all that is Jesus and that you hear Him singing over you today!


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