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Years Later….

Thirty eight years ago I married this man. He was in a white tux with black socks, long hair, skinny, and an unshaven face. He stood at the front of the church chewing on his lip with a silly smile on his face as I walked down the aisle.  He was standing up for his love for me, even against the advice of his parents.

 The scent of irises and roses wafted throughout the church. I wore a beautiful dress that showed my shoulders ( somewhat frowned upon by the local church people), and walked down the aisle to the tune of my friend playing her flute. The ceremony had favorite songs like “You Decorated my life” by Kenny Rogers and “Annie’s Song” by John Denver. After we vowed our love to each other and he kissed the bride, we marched out of the church with the Wedding Song in the background. It was a traditionally wedding with many untraditional twists along the way.

When it was all said and done we whisked ourselves away in an old ’65 Mustang, and 168.00 dollars in our pockets. Hopes and dreams swirled in both our heads, with little thought to troubles.

And now, here we are. Thirty eight years later. Five incredible children, three beautiful daughter in-laws, and seven grandchildren.  Our love has been steady through many lows, and many highs. Always together, but not always in agreement.  We have grown from two very immature kids, to mature adults in Jesus.  We left the church we were both raised in with the determination to raise our children with a truth based solely on God’s Word. We’ve moved several times, endured financial calamity, walked through health issues, and cried over losses. We traveled, loved our children, enjoyed several dogs, a  couple rabbits, a goat, and a ferret or two.

Now, here we are. Still in love, even more. We are getting ready to go on a mini anniversary trip to one of my favorite places.  I’m excited to spend some time with just the two of us. After a couple of days out two youngest children will join us, and to me, that is a great celebration. Thirty eight is something to celebrate, and I look forward to many more.  There are days that are pretty hum-drum, but the picture as a whole has been far from that. This man has loved me with all his heart. He has walked beside me with a loyalty unlike anything I have every seen. He has defended me, supported me, and been my friend. He has been there through every spiritual discovery and question, he has grown in his heart and spirit for Jesus. He is an amazing father.

This is what I celebrate, and love.

I’m so glad I did not give up on love. The reward has been amazing.


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