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God Stays In

When God Jumps In
When God jumps in….

The last month has been a real doozy for us. First, we moved, and that in itself is a lot of time and energy. We hadn’t really planned to move, but the opportunity presented itself and we believed it was the right thing to do. So, we found a house in an ideal location, and against all odds, we bought it! We then began the process of packing, and preparing our current home for renters. During all the shuffle, I was asked to speak at the above summit, which was very exciting to me. I talked about that process in a previous post. So, everything was rolling along at a fast pace, and then I got sick–yes, Covid bombarded my life and quickly spread to the rest of my family.

Now, it’s not fun having covid and also getting a house ready to rent and moving into a new house. It’s just not. And, Covid is a trickster, at least it has been for me and my husband. It took me through a menagerie of symptoms. Headache. Nausea. Severe body aches. Congestion. Fatigue. Then, it all went away for a day or two, and started over again. My husband went for days feeling better, now today he doesn’t want to get out of bed. It’s weird, to say the least.

So, tomorrow is my day to speak at the summit. It’s not a long talk. I share a little of my life experience and what the word REAL means to me. I’ve thought a lot about the word the last couple of weeks, because it’s been stressful around here. I haven’t had the energy to write posts, to read, to unpack boxes, etc. I’ve had short conversations with God, very short. One thing that he continually brings to my mind is whatever the circumstance, He is my reality. Even though all of this has been a challenge, God keeps jumping in to give us what we need for that moment. And, he’s given me an opportunity to work with other women in this summit.

When we remain rooted in him, empowered by him, authentic with him, and securely loved by him, he jumps in and he stays in. I really like that about God!

Check out my new devotional too. It’s a great gift to give a friend or your mom for Mother’s Day!


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I really prize your work, Great post.

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