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Welcome to a New Year!

Welcome to 2021, let it be your year to shine!

It’s New Year’s Eve day. For many of us, 2021 will be welcomed in differently than previous years. From what I can tell most of us are happy to say goodbye to 2020; it was a year of change, questions, chaos. 2020 did give us a view of the world that I have not seen before; it was eye opening in many ways. I wonder what we will learn in 2021? Whatever happens, one thing I am sure of, we need prayer. When we pray we gain a supernatural strength to move ahead and tap into the power of God. We live as an Overcomer.

I’d like to start the year out with a prayer. We need it, right?

Lord, because of your strength we are strong.We rejoice in you! In this New Year we will burst out with a joyful song, because of your victory! For you have given us our heart’s desire, anything and everything that we ask for, you do not withhold from your beloved ones. When we encounter you, rich blessings overflow and you place the crown of royalty upon our heads. You have given us resurrection life, your blessings stretch on, one after another, forever!

Your victory heaps blessing after blessing upon our lives, you are the giver of joy! We will trust in you, and you will keep us from stumbling. Your love for us never fails and it holds us firm. You conquered every enemy at the Cross, and gave us eternal life. When the enemy threatens me you appear, and the radiance of your face consumes them with a fierce fire of your presence. My enemies are swallowed up by your flames. the old man is dead. Daily you renew me!

Your judgment-arrow pierces through and dismantles my enemies, and by your strength your Bride will sing and praise your glorious power!

In this New Year we are called to be love, this is our highest calling. For your Spirit lives within us and identifies us as the love that changes dark to light. In 2021, let the proclamation of victory, love, hope, and peace flow from our mouths.

Welcome to 2021, let it be your year to shine!

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