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Thinking Back and Looking Forward

The enemy of my soul does not want me to remember the abundance of time and the fact that I have authority over my time

Our anniversary day was full and fun. We reminisced about days gone by, and spoke beauty into our tomorrows.

I have been on a very specific food plan avoiding sugar and dairy for several weeks now. So, today, I veered from the plan to celebrate our day. We drove to a small town by the lake just for the ice cream. We both ordered a single scoop and they gave us two scoops. Two very large scoops! We sat by the lake and ate our ice cream. So good, and worth it. We drove by the church we once attended, the laundromat we spent hours doing laundry in, and then the lake cabin we lived in. Some things never change, others things are completely different. We hiked five miles and talked about the days we use to dirt bike on the very trails we were hiking. When we lived in the little cabin on the lake, we either had to walk, boat, or ride our dirt bikes in. This was a challenge at times when we needed to haul groceries, laundry, and three little boys! The beauty of the surroundings always seemed to outweigh the work involved.

We drove small country roads and recalled the head on collison I had when a group of teens came zooming around the corner and swerved into my lane. The deer that jumped in front of our jeep late one night as I was driving home. The boat rides on the lake and the day our boat sunk. And, the fun our boys had during the years we owned the cabin. Every day was a new adventure giving us memories that we now hold dear.

Tomorrow life goes back to the busy day to day stuff, with mindful eating and the making of new memories. I am amazed at how fast time flies by while at the same time how slow it can be. I think of this when my days are long with monotonous chores, or difficult times. Good times and bad times do not last forever, but the growth we acquire from those times bring us to new experiences of hope and joy. Time is fascinating to me. When in the moment of something challenging time can feel like it stands still. I find myself believing the lie that it will last forever and life will never be good again. The enemy of my soul does not want me to remember the abundance of time and the fact that I have authority over my time. I get to choose what to believe about the hard things, and how to move through them. In this present moment, time is clicking along at a steady pace and it all feels pretty good. I am present, thankful, blessed, and happy. When I consider all the time that has past and the moments I forgot to be present I see that I also forgot to believe that time is a gift that I must cherish. For God time is endless and he shares that with me when I walk in the present time knowing that tomorrow comes with a new set of joys and challenges that I must also be present in.

Time and eternity are but different periods of the same states.” Caroline Lamb


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