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Our Secret Weapon

Through prayer, He captures us and gives us freedom!

“Breathe your life into my spirit. Bring light to my eyes in this pitch-black darkness.”

Before 2020 I was naive about how much our lives can be impacted by government, mandates, political parties, unrest. I found it all interesting, but the reality of their impact on so many lives was not my first thought. The election mattered to me, but I figured it probably wouldn’t impact my life that much if my choice didn’t get into office. I never imagined that at some point in our country people would be getting arrested for being out of their house after 10pm, or governors would be telling citizens to cancel Thanksgiving, or masks would be such a point of vicious name calling, blaming, and disagreements. As I’ve noted numerous times; it’s been a rough year on many fronts. When we go through these tough situations it’s very helpful to have a firm foundation, one that is founded in Jesus Christ. When we do have a firm foundation, then we are able to navigate through all these issues with kindness, love, hope, and perseverance.

Psalms 13 is on my mind this morning. David lays out an example where prayer turns depression into delight! Yes, prayer. I’ve experienced the healing power of prayer over and over again. Prayer is our secret weapon to well-being, and I believe it is our secret weapon to the healing and unity of our country. The title of Psalms 13 is “Prayer Turns Depression Into Delight”, considering the life that David led, I would surmise that he knows exactly what he is talking about!

Have you ever had those seasons where everything is hurting? Times when it’s difficult to think of anything ever being okay again? This is where David’s at in Psalms 13. “I’m hurting, Lordwill you forget me forever? How much longer, Lord? Will you look the other way when I’m in need? How much longer must I cling to this constant grief? It’s been long enough! Take a good look at me, God, and answer me! Breathe your life into my spirit. Bring light to my eyes in this pitch-black darkness or I will sleep the sleep of death.” verses 1-3 David is begging God to LOOK at him and to breathe life back into him, he feels as if he is at the brink of death. He doesn’t hesitate to completely unveil himself before God, he desperately wants to be seen and heard and healed.

The enemies of David have proclaimed victory and they are all celebrating his downfall. Still, David proclaims that he will trust in the kindness of God. In fact in the next few verses, 5-6, David gives us the key to victory. He says that trust, celebration, and praise strengthens the soul! “Lord, I have always trusted , so answer me. I will yet celebrate with passion and joy when your salvation lifts me up. I will sing my song of joy to you, the Most High, for in all of this you have strengthened my soul.” Isn’t that beautiful? When we have enemies that seek to destroy us, we must trust in the kindness of God to see us through. We must celebrate with passion and joy the gift of his saving, and sing for joy all the way to victory!

When we have this pattern established in our lives, we are then deeply rooted in the foundation of Jesus. When we are able to celebrate the victory that he generously has given us (even when it feels like defeat) we are empowered to live as his chosen Bride. When our song is louder than our pain, we get in touch with the life he has blessed us with, we are alive and vibrant. When we choose to believe that through all circumstances, (viruses, lock downs, death, financial stress, mental illness), we are loved. His passionate love always leads to a path of relief and victory because “My enemies say that I have no Savior, but I know that I have one in you!” verse 6

Yes, we do. We have a Savior that reigns over our lives. He knows who will be the next leader. He knows what will happen with the virus. He knows truth, and He knows that truth sets his people free. Through prayer, He captures us and gives us freedom! I love that.

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