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The Power of Togetherness

We have the power to be International Best Sellers of Jesus!

So gradually it came to pass that, from looking back together, they took also to looking forward together. -Christina Rossetti

The past couple of weeks has been a flurry of excitement, work, anticipation, dreams, hope, and exhaustion! The book, The Fiercely Unstoppable Entrepreneur, written by 14 authors, one of them me was a wonderful learning experience. The day this book launched, I saw first hand the incredible beauty and power of working together. Everyone on this project worked hard to post on social media, and because of their efforts, A LOT of people learned about this book. Friends shared, and their friends shared, and so on. It was like a giant wave across social media, and it worked. It wasn’t just a one time share for most; it was all day and the next. It grew with every hour. I was impressed by the willingness, the excitement, the cooperation between a group of people to work together, support one another, and latch on to the power of togetherness. Because of this, our book became an International Best Seller. It became #1, consequently making every author in the book a #1International Best Selling Author! Really cool. I loved watching how this togetherness supported each individual, we bought each others individual books and read them. We looked forward together to more possibilities, and excitement grew.

There is power in lifting each other up and moving towards a common goal. It reminds me of Jesus and his disciples. They had more power together than any other group on earth. They all had a common goal, and nothing could squelch that goal. In fact, the more someone tried to stomp it out the larger it grew. Im sure there were plenty of times that this group did not get along, but I think they always came back to the value of each other, there is power in that. They become knit together in such a way that the bond cannot be broken, and it leaves a legacy that moves through lives for an eternity. Just think about it—Jesus walked this earth a long time ago, yet his group is still sharing, still hanging out together, still implementing His power in their communities. The power to move forward, learn truth, stand up for love, and live like Jesus.

We have the power to be international best sellers of Jesus!

I don’t know what the future holds or where Jesus will lead from here, but I do know that I will forever be grateful for the togetherness I felt writing this book. I will always be impressed by the willingness that others had to shine light on each other, and the power of togetherness, over and over again.

How are you impacted by togetherness? Are you tapping into the power of spreading life giving tools? What does togetherness look like to you?


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