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The Marriage Carriage

I’m still reading through Song of Songs, and this is the verse that grabbed me this morning.  The King’s marriage carriage—Christ is the King and He is there to carry His Bride—you and me! He has surrounded us with  His best champions, the strongest of strong to protect us. Warrior angels that are always on the look out for danger, ready with their swords to slash evil away. Readily at our side to protect our relationship with our King! 

I spent last week with a group of people that were eagerly seeking to know Jesus more. Each person leaning in to His voice to know His heart. It was really good. During one of the sessions, a lady said to me that God is fascinated with me! It definitely hit a tender spot within me. I had not considers that God would be fascinated with me!  It was especially meaningful because I have often said that I am fascinated with my children. They all share the grounded roots of my husband and I, yet they are all so different. I look at each one of them and think “fascinating”. So, when I was told that God is fascinated with me, I knew He was reaching out to me in a language I understand. I felt encouraged and loved.  I could see myself in His marriage carriage being carried to the place of His heart. A place of unity, love, understanding. I could feel His protection around my being, and I was emboldened!

Throughout our life journey we all have times that we experience a dark night. When like Hezekiah, we might turn our face to the wall and melt into a place of deep despair.  “Night after night I’m tossing and turning on my bed of travail. Why did I let him go from me? How my heart aches for him, but he is nowhere to be found! So I must rise in search of him, looking throughout the city, seeking until I find him.” verses 1-2 (TPT)

It is when we are able to move into a place of surrender that we find the Lover of our Soul.  When we rise from the sin that holds us back and believe we are the Bride He so longs to hold, we become fastened to him.

I think the imagery is beautiful. God is full of romance for His Bride, He wants to comfort us. He wants to be there to fill the emptiness that can take a hold of us and cause us to forget who we are. He wants to be by your side every step of the way, He wants to carry you through. 

Ask God today what He is thinking about you, I’m betting you will find His answer fascinating!


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