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The Heart that Loves

If I were to live another forty-three years I'd make it to 101!

Friendship’s a noble name, ’tis love refined.

The Stolen Heiress 1702

We recently returned from a trip to Tennessee. We went to see a close friend, my “Heart Mom”. This is the term she pegged for us many years ago, and it stuck. Let’s see….I’ve known her for 43 years now! We went to see her because her 90th birthday is just around the corner, and I wanted to celebrate her. She has a heart that loves. I use to wonder what it would take for her to stop loving me, but that was pointless, she has been my true and steady friend no matter what. I know she is this way because she experiences the love of Jesus, and in turn she shares that love with those around her. Friendship of this kind truly is noble with love refined!

This trip turned out to be one of my all time favorites. My husband traveled with me and we were blessed with a lot of time together. I think all couples need that time to reconnect, have fun, discuss, and just rest together. We were able to do all of that. Neither one of us are big fans of country music, but after our trip and the immersion of country all around us I kinda like the music now. We stayed in the country in a little log cabin that dates way back to 1912. The surroundings gloated in beauty. We had a little creek that slowly trickled by the cabin, over 70 acres of green fields and leafy trees. The wrap around porch invited us each evening to sit in the swing and watch the fireflies dance through the air. Spectacular! Inside the cabin, a spiral staircase took us to a loft bedroom that was dressed with old quilts and wooden rocking chairs. The windows gave us a long view of the property, beckoning us to venture out one more time.

The city was full of sights, sounds, and tastes that pulled at our spirit of adventure at every turn. I loved it all. Mostly though, I loved the recognition I felt of blessing. I loved the contentment of being present. I loved sharing photos with friends and family on FB. I loved the inner peace that prevailed within me no matter what the circumstance. I loved the unexpected surprises, and the opportunity to know those around me a little better.

In the early mornings at the cabin I would get up and make my way down the spiral staircase and sit at the super long wooden table in the kitchen. It is there that my heart overflowed with gratefulness to God for the blessing of friendship, especially with my 90 year old friend. It was there that life felt short. Forty-three years of being in her life, and now she’s talking about the end of life being just around the corner. The fullness of her adventures, her people, have always inspired me, and I want it to last forever. Those early morning talks with God gave me peace about what may be next, not just for her, but for us too. When I consider how fast the forty-three have gone the truth of the years ahead really sink in. If I were to live another forty-three years I’d make it to 101! Life moves quickly, and to really seize it we must nurture a heart of love. A love for each other and a love for all the opportunities life presents us. The opportunity to build, grow, explore, rest, and be present in each day. The opportunity to be grateful. We’ve been given so much inside our hearts, we only need to nurture it.

My heart mom is not the only friend God has blessed me with; there are so many. With each one I have learned more about love. Each one is a gift from God that must be nurtured. Who has God put in your life to love you and to teach you about his love?


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