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god loves to surprise us

I’ve been thinking a lot about the surprises of God, and how He loves to bring the unexpected into our lives. We might ask Him to meet our needs and then He meets them above and beyond all we can imagine. Or we might pray for healing and He doesn’t heal the specific ailment we are praying about, if we dig deeper we might discover that He has healed another area in our lives that brings more growth. When we receive a gift from our Father; it is up to us to open it with great delight and then tell others about the wonderful surprise. Just like a child on Christmas, they may get something that is a complete surprise and they open each gift with joy and delight.

There have been several surprises in my life the past few weeks. Many of them have not been viewed as good surprises and I’ve prayed for healing, for direction, peace, etc. God has not given to me in all the ways I hoped, but He certainly has provided some surprises that have brought healing in other ways. I hear Him saying “I will heal this first, then we will address the other area!” It leaves me surprised and brings growth to me that I would not have experienced had he jumped in with the first request.

One of my surprises has been a change in direction with work. I haven’t been praying for a job or a change as big as a different job, but one came across my path and I decided to take it. I will be working at J Rapha Consulting as a trauma and healing life coach. The surprise? I feel it healing areas in my life that sometimes creep up. Areas of my own trauma that God has lovingly been healing for years now. His healing in these areas will lead to the healing I pray for. It is a surprise worth grabbing onto and opening with delight. I can think of several ways God will heal me as I move forward!

I am leaving in a couple of days to travel with my ministry team to Hawaii. I am expectant and already thanking Him for all the ways He will surprise us. I know He wants us to go. We have had many obstacles that could have held us back, but every time God has made a way for this trip to happen. We have all had health issues of one kind or another, some of them serious. Some have been healed, others remain–yet God is bigger than any health issue and He has carved a path so we can still go.

For me, I was curious if I would be able to keep all my travel plans ( for we have something every month until July) and start a new job. God paved a way and made a flexible schedule for me to work with. This is a big gift that will bring many surprises along the way.

I am discovering that when I am able to focus on the face of God, I see the hand of God working in my life. So, when I focus on His face I develop an intimacy with Him. I learn to know WHO HE IS. With this intimacy I am able to see more of what God is doing, His hand at work in me and others. This is ultimately the desire of God, He wants us to know Him and He wants to know us. That’s all! I actually don’t have to concern myself with what to do or how to do it, because I know that God will lead me in the right direction when I focus on Him! This is a beautiful surprise that makes my burden light and my walk pleasant.

So, here’s to surprises and new adventures, may you have many of them and as you go along be blessed!


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