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Thank Your Mom

Thank you every day for all that you give and all that you love.

What a pledge for virtuous conduct is the character of a mother!”

The Mother’s journal 1838

Mother’s Day is just a couple of days away. We all have mom’s, right? Some of us are closer to our moms than others, still, every mom needs to hear “thank you”. I understand the challenge of finding something to say thank you for when the relationship with one’s mom has been strained or abusive. In those cases it takes time with God and an openness to a perspective that we may not be seeing.

I have a lot of moms in my life that I want to thank. My mom was a single mother for most of my growing up years. She was a hard working, determined woman. She spent most of her time being exhausted, yet she still raised four children through some very tumultuous years. She loved her grandchildren, and she worked very hard to be a good grandmother. My three older sons loved her very much.

My Heart Mom whom I’ve referred to many times influenced my life in so many positive ways that to thank her is a joy. She entered my life as a teenager and she folded me in her love with no exceptions. When I became a mother, she did the same for my children. She has always been there through every circumstance, and now at nearly 90 years old, she is still there.

My sons married amazing women, all of them are mothers. They love their children deeply. I watch my daughter in-laws and I feel so proud of them. I’m so proud of my sons for finding strong, loving women. They value their children and they understand the sacrifice it takes to raise a child. They value family, and they understand that the love of a mother does not dissipate just because her children are grown with families of their own. I appreciate that.

I have several friends that are mothers and grandmothers. I see the gift of love they give their children, the gift of themselves and I want to thank them. The love they give, sometimes unrecognized, is always astounding. But this is a mother, right? A mother loves her child all the time. A mother is safe. A mother is tender, yet her child’s strongest truth teller. A mothers influence is through out your entire life, and long after she leaves this earth.

The heart of a mom will forever be with her children. I know my heart is. When I see the paths my children take in life I am so thankful to my God who I know uses me to influence them in positive ways, even when I feel overwhelmed and clueless. I know that God pulls out some of the hidden questions in my own heart and transforms them into positive directions for my children. Sometimes I think back on various conversations with my children over the years and it is clear that Holy Spirit was with us taking my words and interpreting them into what I really meant to say. He uses me to love my children and he embedded them in my heart in such a way that nothing can ever remove that love. Nothing.

So, thank you to all the beautiful Moms. Thank you every day for all that you give and all that you love.


Thank you to those of you that listened to my talk at the Fiercely Unstoppable Summit. I was voted the top speaker of the summit by those that listened. Thank you so very much.


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Thank you for being a loving friend and mother to your kids and grandkids ❤️.

back at you, friend!

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