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Purpose in all Things

I want to recognize the purpose behind the chaos. I want to see that every thought and word I have develops a purpose in them.
Family is a priceless gift

We spent most of the month of December in California on business. It was a great trip. I was able to spend a lot of time with my daughter and grandaughter. Our son was there for a week too which was very nice. Our trip back to the land of snow and cold was uneventful. When we arrived home, there was much excitement with our dogs, who stayed behind, and a new dog to join the family. Grandchildren and their parents visited right away, with noise, excitement, and anticipation for the days ahead.

One of my Christmas presents this year was a sweet 8 month old puppy. His name is Scout. This little guy is full of spunk and decided right away that I am his person. If I’m on the couch, in the bed, or wherever he defends me with all his might. He is quick to cuddle and loves to play with our other two dogs. Life for him became a quick adventure when he moved in with us.

Christmas Day was full with family. We ate, played games, opened presents, and enjoyed the company of each other. It was a lovely day.

Now, here we are. It is New Years Eve day. 2021 is about to leave and 2022 is welcomed in. There are questions about the year ahead, anticipation, hope, and wonder. I wonder how it all happens so fast! Looking back, the busy days are a blur, the slow days are gone, the future is unknown. We had so much happen in 2021 that I wish I had kept better records of all the fun. We moved. We traveled. I sold more books. Our grandchildren grew. I enjoyed time with friends. I started school. My husband got a new job opportunity. God came through ever single times in ways that were far above our imaginations. Healing happened.

I’m stepping into 2022 with faith. Faith that God will continue to bring all things together in miraculous ways. Faith that He knows best through the losses and the gains. Faith that His promises are steadfast and true. Faith that He wants to partner with me in bringing love, hope, and healing to others. Faith that his gift of family is priceless.

One of the words for 2022 for me is Purpose. God has purpose for me. God has purpose for all things. Nothing is just a random event, for in all things God will bring purpose. Purpose is not always easy to see or even believe, but I will focus on asking God to show me what His purpose is from day to day and how I can share His purpose with others.

Today, as I spend time with my grandchildren, husband and kids, I want to recognize the purpose behind the chaos. I want to see that every thought and word I have develops a purpose in them.

Happy New Year to each of you. I pray that 2022 will be a definitive year for you. May the priceless gift of family overwhelm you with love. May the purpose of each day give you hope for the next. May fun be a joyful encounter, and healing invade your soul with relief. May you know without a doubt that God has purpose for you and with that purpose you are able to live in the deepest faith you have ever known.


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Thank you for these beautiful words.
I am seeking a more definitive year and indeed asking for guidance in all that I do; but especially I seek the awareness of the Universe’s guidance as to my purpose.
We are all but a drop of water in the Ocean
But what is the Ocean but tiny drops of water

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