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When We Speak

When we exercise our freedom to speak we are growing, planting, living, and walking out heaven on earth

A time to tear apart and a time to sew together. A time to keep silent and a time to speak. Ecclesiastes 3:7

It is an understatement to say that anyone living in a country that practices free speech is richly blessed, and when that freedom is threatened, it brings out fear, anger, confusion and chaos. I think we are seeing all of that right now in my country. I love living where I live. I love knowing that there is freedom to express our thoughts, and to live without fear of being shut-down. But, that is no longer the case….several people with big thoughts and beliefs have already been condemned for speaking out. Punished for exercising their freedom to speak. I started to search in God’s Word about this issue, mostly because I know that even with the oppression Jesus lived in, He still freely used His Words to minister and bring truth to those around him. He was severely punished for speaking truth! It’s interesting to me too as I look back at the days Jesus walked this earth there are some similarities to this day and age. The leaders that disapproved of the Jesus Movement were determined to destroy everything and anyone that had any connection to Jesus. They set out to cancel them! Thousands of people had to flee, many didn’t make it. Yet, still, the plan to cancel the Jesus Movement was very unsuccessful. They got stronger, and they kept on talking! They spoke about the Jesus that saved them. They spoke about freedom. They just kept going and still today this movement is alive! Still Alive!

What about the times that Jesus didn’t speak? He was taken before powerful leaders who condemned him and he was quiet. What was the deal with that? He knew they would not be able to hear him. Like it says in Amos 5:13-“Therefore, he who is prudent and has insight will keep silent at such a [corrupt and evil] time, for it is an evil time [when people will not listen to truth and will disregard those of good character.]” (AMP) Are we in a time that is so corrupt that it is time to keep silent? I don’t think so. I think we are in a time that is so corrupt we must speak. We must defend our freedom to speak, even when people will not listen to the truth of our words or they disregard your good character. We must speak wisely on the behalf of freedom for the disenfranchised and plead for the legal rights of all of us. (Proverbs 31:8)

So, what does happen when we speak? We are investing in courage, hope, strength, courage, and freedom. When we exercise our freedom to speak we are growing, planting, living, and walking out heaven on earth. When your heart and mind are in the heart of Jesus, the words you speak for freedom will leave a legacy. When you rise above the fear of what might happen, the fear of being trampled out, invisible and unseen, God will use your words to bring life. I do not believe this is a time to lay in silence. Our words have the power to break the chains that are slowly tightening around our freedom. We can rely on God. “Every promise from the faithful God is pure and proves to be true. He is a wrap-around shield of protection for all his lovers who run to hide in him.” Proverbs 30:5

Years ago, God told me to speak, and he is still telling me to speak. It hasn’t been easy. My natural tendency is to be silent as much as possible, but when God puts a mission and a truth inside your heart, natural tendencies are overridden with the power of Holy Spirit. When we speak the truth of who God is and choose to live in that truth, we are free. I want to celebrate that freedom with my words and with truth, even at the risk of being cancelled. And, it is a risk. When government begins to use their power to override the freedom of political speech, the risk of them using that power to override spiritual speech is real, as well as many other things. When they try to silence others because they are afraid, we must speak the truth of freedom!

What is God calling you to speak about today? What truth is He prodding you to share with others? What words do you have in your heart that have been silenced but now is the time to speak out?

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