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Peace Be With You

We are basically half way through the year 2020. How’s it going? For most of the people I know, 2020 has presented some huge challenges; it’s been stormy, chaotic, unpredictable, isolating, and even scary. I had high hopes for 2020. Each morning as I read and spend time with God, I have a prominent thought “I will exceed your hopes and expectations for 2020!”  And, I’m seeing that this is very true. Through the storm, I have had an overall feeling of peace. It doesn’t mean I haven’t felt the emotions that come along with the virus, the economy, politics, and the losses related to much of this. I have. There are days that I am thrust right into the middle of it all, the conflict. It is then that I am assured that in the midst of the turmoil, the peace of God rises up. God regulates the storm. He doesn’t prevent it, He rides with us through it. He rode through the storm with His disciples countless times, and each time they learned that He had the power to calm their fears.

There are more riots and anarchy happening now than I can remember in my lifetime. There are huge devisive lines between states, and within them. There are a lot of opinions on Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, White privilege, and Masks! Everyone has questions and answers that drive us to a deeper place of civil unrest. Waves of anger, violence, and pain roll over communities and social media. Families are in conflict.

Jesus is still saying “Peace be with you.”

I keep telling myself that I will not allow this to steal my peace. Sometimes I feel as if I am in a tug of war between the storm and the promise of peace. I’m in a tug of war between silently sliding by on the edges of the storm, or speaking out knowing it will plunge me even deeper into the turmoil. I’m seeing that peace may not actually be peace until one is able to experience it in the lowest times, the times of conflict and differences. Peace does not come without resistance. 

Jesus stood up in the boat that was being tossed in the storm and resisted it. 

Jesus stormed through the temple and resisted the merchants that did business there. He resisted them.

Jesus faced lies, at the risk of being mocked and hated, and spoke truth.

He was not afraid to jump into the midst of conflict in search of the peace that would grow out of His resistance.

And so, I am seeing that He will absolutely exceed my hopes and expectations for 2020 as I too step into the chaos, fear, unknown, and sometimes isolation. He will not let me go there alone, but will instead envelope me with the peace that comes from truth. The truth that He invites me, and you, to stand up for. 

What is He inviting you into today? Is He challenging you to go against the masses, get to the root of the issue, have a voice? Is it time to resist the lies? I think it is. Only Jesus can tell me what that looks like for my life! How about you?


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