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23 Nov: Gratitude of the Heart

His constant pursuit for relationship, and all the ways He has responded to me. What an awesome God! So, this Thanksgiving I wish you the best. I pray you are filled with the presence of His Spirit and you are able to see the wonder all around you. I pray you will have hope in more, courage in the trial, and love at all times.

29 Oct: And Then, This Happened

I later visited with two women that again spoke of the fragrance of Jesus upon my life. Again they affirmed the word I've had over my life for years which is "speak" I have believed for years that God wants me to speak. He has a message that He wants me to share with others, and I'm willing to do it. I've clung to His promise of paving the way. I'd ridden the wave, and sometimes I've felt as if I'm drowning. Yet, still the word has been highly pronounced in my mind, and this week it has been highly confirmed.

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