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Joy in the Journey

There is joy in the journey when it is God that leads the way.

We are in Glacier. What an amazing place to visit! The beauty and creativity of God is everywhere. Our first hike, along the edge of a rocky cliff, was invigorating and somewhat nerve-racking. I knew I wouldn’t fall off, yet at the same time I was thankful for the rope that was secured to the edge of the mountain. It reminded me so much of the faith walk I have been on for years now. One step at a time along what feels like a very rocky edge, hanging on to Jesus for dear life. It may sound a little cheesy, but it is so very true. This mountain hike was long and there were parts that were uphill and I had to remind myself to persevere. I had to think about each step, one at a time, and keep going. When I felt tired, the best thing to do was stop and gather myself again for the steps ahead. Again, just like life. So many times I’m just tired. I have to stop, take a few deep breaths, nap, and then continue on. Our goal on this hike was to make it to the peak in time to take pictures of the sunset. We did make it. This goal meant that we would be walking back to our car, on the that rocky edge, in the dark. Well, it wasn’t dark on the path fortunately, as my son brought a lot of lights to shine the way for us. I was very thankful. He had assured me that it would be okay, I still had my doubts. But, he was right, the hike back in the dark of night (it was around 10ish) was stunning and mysterious. I loved it. Any fear or trepidation that had plagued me on the way there because of what was to come vanished. I was totally enchanted with the path ahead and the silhouette all around me.

I’m so happy I stepped out in faith and went on this hike. It has given me a boost of courage and adventure.

Every day has a been a new adventure with new sites and big hikes. My son loves to hike, and I began the trip with a willingness to go but not an excitement. Now that I’ve done it, I’m happy I made the choice to put one foot in front of the other and discover new places. This is one of my prayers for my heart. God has so much for me and for you, I want to be able to step into His adventure and take it all in. His goodness comes through so many experiences and in those experiences I have the opportunity to learn, share, and believe in all that He is. It really is an adventure in relationship with Him, and I want it.

It’s been a blessing to spend time with family, to laugh, play, talk. I love watching my daughter learn new things from her brother. He is a photographer and she is learning from him. I love seeing my grandchildren play and have fun. I love experiencing heaven on earth. This entire adventure has been soaked in the presence of God, and for me it is His presence that brings the Light to the darkened path, the laughter to my tired body, the closeness in relationships. He is giving a taste of heaven through his creation, the more the better!

So, I am excited to see what’s next. I know God has so much in store for me and for you. I’m excited to take the next steps and breathe in every moment. There’s a song from way back that I often think about. “Joy in the Journey” It’s been a prayer of mine too. I want God to bring me joy in the journey, the journey that he leads me on. It might be steep and treacherous. The path may be dark and impossible to walk on without His Light. It may be exhausting. I will be uncomfortable at times. I might stumble and feel in danger, but through it all there is still joy to be found. There is joy in the journey when it is God that leads the way.

Today I pray that each one of us will find joy in the journey. God is that joy. His presence is everywhere. He has so much for us, so much heaven to experience. He says we are seated in heavenly places, and it’s true. This is a gift worth hanging onto!


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