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He wants me to see beauty and to step out in the adventure of big life

So, we purchased an old RV, and named it Motto-Motto, (we have a plan). We hit the road this weekend to try it out. We loaded up the two dogs, our sweet daughter, and enough food to get us through for a few days. It’s been great. This is a fun and new adventure for sure. We’ve stayed off the main highways for the most part and explored in the mountains of Montana. We spent our first two nights in an itsy-bitsy town that only had a bar and houses. The campground was huge and nestled by an amazingly beautiful lake. We did a lot of hiking, which the dogs loved!

Today we are driving, in what seems like a random pattern (but beautiful) along Flathead Lake. I’ve been to Montana many times, but never to Flathead Lake; I wish we had come sooner. We wander all afternoon, and muse at how free-spirited the day is. Our daughter is reading her books, music is in the background, the air is warm but smokey from forest fires, the road is wide open, and I like to believe it offers endless opportunities. I can get use to this!

I’ve been able to do a lot of reading as well on this trip. I’m still deep into Revelation, and with every word I am loving it more. There is so much more to this Book than I ever imagined.  This message of hope and freedom is hidden in what seems like a random science fiction movie.  A lot is going on and it is no easy task to unravel the hidden treasure in this book. Just as we have spent a lot of hours on the road exploring open country and finding some hidden treasure in our wanderings, Revelation offers the same. There is always another road to take, more to explore, something to learn. Adventure does not die. God’s Word is layered with adventure. There are road maps within His Word that lead to Jesus, the only way to Kingdom peace and eternal life. I love it!

I asked my daughter today if she was having fun. She’s sixteen, and she’s traveling in an old RV with her “old” parents. You know, it may not be that cool. She had a wide smile and shook her head yes. She loves it too. She is basking in the adventure of new sites and no agenda. I watch her lay back and chill with her dog and I recognize that this is how God is calling me. He has a plan, even when I don’t see it. He wants me to see beauty and to step out in the adventure of big life. He wants me to trust him. He wants me to seek him for more opportunities and be joyful in the process. He wants to reveal himself to me along the way. I won’t stop at that though, with each revelation, new adventure, mountain tops, and valleys, I will look for signs of Him and share it with others. I want to leave a path of light for those that come up behind me seeking adventure too.

 I want to leave a legacy.

There is so much yet to explore, in the physical realm, and in the spiritual. I can’t wait to forge ahead in expectant discovery.

Speaking of the book of Revelation. God gave the message of Revelation to Jesus, he then gave it to an angel, who in turn gave it to John. They too had a path to follow. John had a treasure to share, an adventure that will always bring blessings to those that seek it. John was a prisoner on Patmos when he was given Revelation, yet he understood the gold he was handing down to others. He believed in treasure, and so do I. 

What adventures are you on today? Are you seeking the treasure of God’s revelation? What kind of path are you leaving for those behind you? 

My prayer for you today is that you too will embrace the adventures before you and lean into trusting that as random as it may feel or appear, God has you!

A joyous blessing rests upon the one who reads this message and upon those who hear and embrace the words of prophecy, for the appointed time is in your hands.” Revelation 1:3


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