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I Pledge

Whatever happens, we must learn to stand together, INDIVISABLE.
On more than one occasion I have posed the question to God: “What is happening in our country right now?” I heard a pastor from California talking yesterday about the value of our beliefs, the extreme importance of supporting our country, the great need for calm throughout our land. I agree. 
I remember as a child and even as an adult standing with my hand over my heart and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Whatever happens, we must learn to stand together, INDIVISABLE. 
We have a choice. 
I choose to pray for unity. I choose to live love. I choose to trust that our country is in the hands of God, forever and always. 
As a Christian, I want unity, love, and joy to be something His Bride is recognized for. We have a responsibility to be faithful at all times. Faithful to God and to each other. We can pledge to pray over our country in such a way that unity, justice, liberty and love flows from our lips. We can stand strong in adversity; we can live a life of grace. 
We can pray for passion that unifies us and supports the welfare of the Body of Christ. The kind of passion that shines light in every dark space. 
Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.” Daniel 12:3 NIV
We are the Light of the world in a dark culture. Keep shining!
We are called to be a people that can be trusted as we work together for the Lord Jesus. When we allow our integrity as the Bride of Christ to slip, and the ability to be trusted is lost, we no longer shine. We are no longer united and free under God. Pledge to walk your talk and live by example.
“One nation under God IDIVISIBLE” How will we accomplish such a huge feat as this? Let me suggest that if each of us practices a little selflessness, we will be well on our way.  While we are practicing this, I invite you to fully surrender to the living Jesus Christ, for with Him unity will come at a much faster rate. Not just unity in our country and communities, but unity within our own hearts.
In conclusion, I pledge to live in liberty and justice for all. 
Liberty: freedom of choice
Justice: the quality of being fair and reasonable.
I choose Light. I choose joy. I choose to see the perspective of others. I choose to be trustworthy. I choose to surrender to the will of God. I choose to be fair and reasonable in all my dealings. 
This I pledge for the good of my country!

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