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Is this book for you?

Do you feel lost or empty? Are you searching for something more in your life? Do you long to belong and know who you are? Do you question the reality of God and even yourself? Is there hope?

Has betrayal, abuse, and loss ravaged your life?

I say there is hope and an answer to the questions that may sometimes haunt you.

I share my journey in this book and the path to contentment and peace with God.

“There are so many things that are causing me to question everything. I wonder if I am real or if I’m like the Velveteen Rabbit,” I muse.
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I credit this to God, and the time I have been spending on getting closer to Him. I have started talking to him like a friend, relinquishing all the control to Him. When the images and flashbacks do invade my mind, I remind myself that it is not a present concern. I am learning to replace the negative images and thoughts with the truth of my present life, as well as the truth that I am learning about God and myself.

want to introduce God’s immense power and the incredible healing that takes place when we learn to believe who we are according to God. I want to share my journey of pain, and allow you to see how God took it all and grew me into someone different. I hope that by reading this book, you will understand the impact we have on each other. And that it will give you a desire to be gently invested in kindness. This book is a big step for me, and I trust that you will read it with care and empathy. You, the reader, have the power to encourage, empathize, self-reflect, and love your own journey and the one I am sharing with you.


Speak truth is tattooed on my leg. In my quest for truth I learned that truth and reality are the same, and reality is Jesus Christ. I wrote this book to be a testament of truth and to show the reality of Jesus in me. When there is truth, there is hope!

Reader Reviews
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This is a captivating story of the personal journey of one woman. However, it is also the story of many, many people. The details of each experience may vary, but the impact is shared by many. Bethany Elle leads us through a long journey into hope and restoration. She is very vulnerable, hence the term unmasked. This is very risky on a personal level. But I am very grateful for her boldness and courage because without it we wouldn’t get the full impact of just how much hope is available. It can also provoke us each to take the step of being unmasked and leaning into the arms of a God full of compassion, patience, and wisdom to lead us into that kind of restoration.


In a fast-paced memoir that is by turns suspenseful, achingly sad, and ultimately inspiring, Bethany Elle reveals a mother determined to give her children a future free from the pain and self-doubt she has endured.
To save her sanity, she sets out to reassemble, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the fragmented memories of her past. Slowly her answered prayers and dreams transform the emerging picture to one of a God whose love can restore the most broken heart and chart a path of hope for generations to come.


I felt a depth of emotion as I turned the pages of Bethany Elle’s book. I related to some of her experiences, others not, but her walk of life inspired me and her vulnerability and courage to follow the voice of God gave me the desire to do the same. The love and sacrifice she had for her children, makes her a hero in their lives and in my eyes as well. The constant love of her husband through the roughest of times, gave me hope in marriage. Her determination to work through childhood memories inspired me to not give up, and her unrelenting hope to find true and loyal friends, a safe place to worship, and a way to help others led me to believe in the goodness of God. Thank you, Bethany Elle for your courage.


Encouraging and inspirational! Bethany’s search for identity and voice drew me into her intimate journey of joy, fear, betrayal, and redemption. I feel this journey is shared by anyone whose woundedness longs for restoration.


I am Real is definitely a page turner type of book. The anticipation of what was going to happen next in her life urges you to read on. One of my favorite things was the details of how the author explained how she felt, to help you fully understand it. The book also made me realize that these terrible and pro-found stories can be closer to home than you thought.


I Am Real is a challenging book to read. Initially, I wasn’t sure that her life was going to work out, she encountered so many obstacles. I find it astounding that, after numerous betrayals from so-called friends, she is able to love and accept anyone in her life. It wasn’t just the friends either, it was authority figures and church! What the hell? Still, Bethany Elle is able to give God the credit for a blessed life. She is happily married. Her kids are happily married. She has a family that loves her and to top it all off she has a long list of friends that stand by her side. This is extraordinary and unusual. It only leads me to believe that God was working in her life everyday, just as she claims.


I cried, I laughed, I discovered, I fumed. Bethany Elle’s book took me through a string of emotions, ending in a feeling of triumph, but also sadness at the immense sacrifices she has walked through to follow the will of God and find emotional and mental health. This is a must read! – anonymous

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