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Some Days are Better Than Others…

I have to remember that Jesus is stronger and he offers a strong life.

You have stirred the soil with our plow, my friend. It will never be the same again.” O River, Remember

Today has not been my favorite day. I didn’t sleep well, and I woke up feeling sad, strained, and overwhelmed. I told myself the good things in life, reminded myself of the joy–yet still all I wanted was more sleep and a different day. I have some people in my life that are truly struggling right now, they are in places of pain. It pains me to watch. It reminds me of days when I felt like there was nowhere to turn. The days of being bound and stuck in a life that was hopeless. I don’t feel that way now, but, I do feel sad. I want things to change for these lives and I want to see renewal. I want to see spark, hope, desire for more. It’s good to want more.

When I have days that are not so good, I usually write. But, today it was hard to bring myself to do even that. Today it feels futile. I know it won’t last, but when it is here it can feel very long. I know that God follows me through the pain my heart feels, and He brings growth, healing, and peace. I know this is who God is.

In Isaiah 43:2 it says this: When you pass through the deep stormy sea, you can count on me to be there with you. When you pass through the raging rivers, you not drown. When you walk through persecution like fiery flames, you will not be burned; the flames will not harm you.”

God is the solid Rock on which we can stand. God is the wall of protection around us. God is there bringing us to places of discovery and surrender. Discovering who he is, and surrendering all to him so that his life overtakes us and we choose to live by the power of his Spirit. When the Spirit of Life resurrects within our hearts, our walk is strong. Jesus is Life.

I’ve continued to remind myself of this today, especially when it starts to feel that it could get much worse before it gets better. When the dread of pain pokes through and discouragement takes over, I have to remember that Jesus is stronger and he offers a strong life.

How are you today? Do you need to be encouraged as well? I know I do. Let strength infiltrate your heart today in every way and the God of Life and love overtake you.


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