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Grateful to be an American

We, the People, are called to live big!

And what are we? We the people without a race, without a language; of all races, and of none; of all tongues, and one imposed’ of all traditions and all pasts, with no tradition and no past. A patchwork and an altar-piece…..

“The Congressional Liberty”

Our country, the United States of America, has certainly seen trouble since the beginning of its time. Hardships and blessings have walked hand in hand as we grow, struggle, fight, and lean into peace. We have our ups and downs, our hopes and dreams. We are a melting pot of many races. Even my family, a melting pot, full of promise and hope. We the people come together with many forms of language, tradition, and expressions. I think we owe it to each other to be proud of the country that allows us to be a patchwork of all of this.

I’m grateful that I grew up in a country that allows freedom of religion; it gives me the freedom to search for the truth. It gives me the freedom to move from a place of restriction to a bigger place of freedom. I’m grateful for a system that allows anyone to go through a process and become an American, because of that right I have a Canadian husband and a Chinese daughter. I’m grateful for the opportunities offered to me personally. I came from a grief-stricken, impoverished family and was able to grasp onto something more and better for myself and my family. I’m grateful for the friends of many races and colors and the opportunity to see them grow and thrive as well. I’m so grateful for the freedom to choose.

Even with a country that has a negative history in so many ways, mistakes that were the root of pain and severe consequences, I am grateful. I don’t want that history erased, because I think we have and will learn from it. Our country has grown into something better. I’m grateful to have the freedom to celebrate all that has been given to us, and I’m aware how easily it could be taken.

We, the People, are called to live big! We are called to celebrate the gift of independence. We are called to be free. We, the People, live with hope for more and faith to push through. We, the People learn from mistakes. We are this country and we cannot ever forget the sacrifices that have been made to get us here. We must speak for freedom and be brave!

We, the People must stand on the Word of God and let love flow through the Land!


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