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When Danger Comes

What is your day of danger?

In your day of danger may the Lord answer and deliver you. May the name of the God of Jacob set you safely on high! May supernatural help be sent from his sanctuary. May he support you from Zion’s fortress! May he remember every gift you have given him and celebrate every sacrifice of love you have shown him.”

Psalms 20:1 (TPT)

For many of us we experienced a day of danger in the year of 2020, right? Friends and loved ones have been threatened with an illness that takes lives. Our children have been displaced from school, our leadership is in turmoil, our place of worship often denied. Our jobs have teetered on extinction, or at least changed in huge ways. The danger sign in our brains keeps flashing over and over again. We all have experienced some level of danger, external or internal. When I feel that our freedom as a country is being gradually taken away, I feel danger. When I see massive conflict in the country over leadership, race, and survival—I feel danger. When I begin to fear that my children or grandchildren will not grow up in a country that practices freedom of speech and religion; I feel danger.

This chapter in Psalms 20 is very reassuring, and it gives me something to pray over myself and my family. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the future of my grandchildren and speaking the words in this Psalm over their lives:

When my family is in danger may the Lord answer and deliver them. May the name of the God of Jacob set them safely on high! May supernatural help be sent from his sanctuary. May he support them from Zion’s fortress! May he remember every gift you have given them and celebrate every sacrifice of love you have shown them.

When there is trouble, who do you call upon? When danger moves inside your house, is God the One you run to? He is the One that will deliver you, He will set you up on High and keep you safe, He will supernaturally intervene. His support is always there, as strong as a fortress.

May God give them every desire of their heart and carry out their plan as they go to battle. Whey they succeed, we will celebrate and shout for joy. Flags will fly when victory is theirs! Yes, God will answer my prayers and we will praise him! I know God gives me all that ask for and brings victory to his anointed. Their deliverance cry will be heard in his holy heaven. By his mighty hand miracles will manifest through his saving strength.

Just like David, we are called to pray with bold faith for ourselves and for those we love. I pray that God will give my family their hearts desires and that all their plans will be carried out. My children, grandchildren, loved ones, will grow into the safety and boldness of God and nothing will hold them back. Fear will not reign in their lives! When I am able to have a heavenly perspective, I know that all things are possible for those that believe.

Some find their strength in their weapons and wisdom, but my miracle deliverance can never be won by men. Our boast is in the Lord our God, who makes my family strong and gives them victory! Their enemies will not prevail; they will only collapse and perish in defeat while they will rise up, full of courage. Give victory to our family, O God! The day I call upon you, give those I love your answer

Again, let it be noted that David was a smart man. He knew how to strategize and how to win. Yet, he only trusts and looks to God for miracle deliverance. This is my prayer for my family too. We all “know” a lot of stuff, but the real deliverance from days of danger only comes from trusting in the strength and miraculous power of God.

Human strength and the weapons of man are false hopes for victory; they may seem mighty but they will always disappoint.”

Psalms 33:17

Do not hesitate to pray this prayer over yourself and your family every day. Take record of all the ways God delivers you from danger. Danger in the ways that you think, the areas that you walk, the people you associate with. Danger comes with many faces, here are just a few: gossip, jealousy, illness, contempt, discontentment, hopelessness, brokenness. What are your danger zones?

Please pray this prayer, share and like this post, and comment below. May the God of Jacob bless you as you prepare to step into a New year.


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