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Desires of the Heart

Through the change and adventure God has increased my faith, courage, hope, and intimacy with Him.

He grants the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cries for help and rescues them.”

Early in the year of 2021 my husband felt that God was telling him that it would be a year of change . It was a repeating thought, so he decided that change would be his word for 2021. I too usually ask God for a significant word as I begin the year, but for 2021 it seemed hard to narrow it down to just one word. But, out of all the words that floated through my mind, adventure was one of them. God was not kidding around, for this year so far has been full of change and adventure!

Some of our changes and adventures (not necessarily in order) were: Three published books, a different house, becoming an International Best Selling Author, starting school, a trip to Nashville, many road trips, hiking and long bike rides, and so much more. As I review, I see that with every change comes adventure, and with both of these God is filling years of hearts desire within me. It’s kinda like a big puzzle, each piece has a year and a word on it, the puzzle is far from being complete, but this year God placed those two pieces gently in the big picture and I have been amazed. Through the change and adventure God has increased my faith, courage, hope, and intimacy with Him. Not only that, He has given me some much valued time with my daughter and some unhurried relaxed time with my husband. He has filled the desires of my heart in ways that I have not been able to pinpoint or put words to.

We (my husband and daughter) recently went on a road trip to the WA and OR coast. This is one of my favorite places to be; it is so beautiful, serene, dangerous, intriguing….I love the connection I feel with God when I’m on the beach. I don’t understand why it feels different to me when I’m there, but it does. So, this road trip was four days, but we covered a lot of ground. We took our bikes and enjoyed some rides along the coastline and into towns. We had our two dogs with us and found such joy in watching them run along the beach and play. Mostly though, each moment felt like a gift to my heart. I could see God joyfully giving me the desires of my heart!

I enrolled in online school, another desire I have prayed for now for a long time. It’s been so cool, because I don’t go to school, school goes with me! On our adventures, I have been able to log in and listen to live classes. I’ve been able to participate. God has placed us in the right place at the right time with internet so I wouldn’t miss out. With each class I again feel the Spirit of God strategically placing the change and adventure piece deep within me, preparing me for something more. Recently I was asked what I thought was in store for me in the days ahead and the only thing that came to mind was transition. I do believe God is bringing me to many places of transition. He is instilling within me an ability to change, and transition into another adventure. I’m not sure what it all looks like, or what it all means, but I’m looking forward to it.

As I think about these two words I wonder about the life of the disciples. If anyone experienced change and adventure it would be them. Not only that, but through all the change and adventure they were having the desires of their hearts filled to overflowing. Jesus was with them loving them and teaching them. He was infusing desires they didn’t even know they had into their Spirits! He was taking all those pieces and just at the right time placing it where it needed to go. Consequently, He was healing them! This is exactly what He does for each of us. He heals our bodies, souls, and spirits. There are times that it does not feel too much like healing, for we have all experienced pain and hardship, but this does not mean that he has lost that puzzle piece. He knows when and where to insert it, and how to implement the full picture. He did this with his disciples and he does it now with us. We are his Masterpiece!

What are the desires of your heart and how is God filling them today?


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