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Evidence of His Love

Greatly loved, dear to the heart. Cherished, precious, sweet, darling.

Being the beloved is our identity, the core of our existence. It is not merely a lofty thought, an inspiring idea, or one name among many. It is the name by which God knows us and the way He relates to us.

-Brennan Manning-

Recently, I went to Nashville to visit a dear friend. She’s been ill and I wanted to check in on her. This friend, lovingly referred to as my Heart Mom, has been in my life for 41 years. She is very dear to me. We had a quiet and meaningful time together. Of all the women in my life, she has definitely been the most influential in a positive way.

I love visiting Nashville. I think Tennessee is beautiful and fun. This time in January the weather was in the high 40’s low 50’s. The days were sunny and I was still able to get out and walk every day. The last two days that I was there, it was a little chillier so as we got ready to go for lunch my friend bundled up. When she pulled out a long fur coat that I had given her over 20 years ago I felt a flood of love. She still loves it and wears it! I felt like her beloved friend, and I know she is mine.

I’ve been thinking about the word Beloved, but with this it began to grow in my mind with a great fondness. The God of ALL calls me His Beloved. The God of the universe has wrapped me up in His coat and anytime I hear the lies of the enemy all I have to do is say “Satan, look at my coat! You have NO business here for I am his Beloved!” And, I can keep His coat forever!

Arriving home is always good. My husband was at the airport to pick me up. My kids waited to greet me at home along with our three dogs. It all felt good, comforting, familiar, and safe. The replaying of this word continues to remind me that I am the Beloved of many, because God created it to be so.

We all have a life. In that life we get to choose whether we will live as the beloved and treat others as beloved, or walk alone without the warmth of His coat embracing us in love. I haven’t always felt like I am beloved. It has taken practice for me to put the fact of being beloved before the feelings, and you know? It works! I will say that when we live our life as beloved people, we are far more able to embrace others as beloved. Life at that point becomes a beloved journey. And that, dear friend, is a life worth talking about. When we embrace those around us as our beloved ones, we are walking out the evidence of God’s love. What other evidence do we need other than a life of love and living love?

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you probably know the I like tattoo’s. I like going with my daughter and daughter in-laws to get a little tattoo now and then. We have another tattoo outing planned soon, and we plan to get the word “Beloved”. I like this. I like that I will have a daily reminder of who I am, and it makes me smile to know that they will too.

Who is your beloved? Who has influenced your life in such a way that you know you are greatly loved and dear to their heart? Who loves you in such a way that you feel cherished, precious, sweet, and a darling? Who is God calling you to love in the same way? Let the evidence of God’s love wrap around your heart today and shine as his beloved as you allow yourself to be loved and love.


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Love the visual of the fur coat on your BELOVED heart mom. That will stick in my memory.

I was sorting photos this week and found some of toddlers and a dog camping out in our living room. A flood of feeling BELOVED hit me, as I remembered a weekend you came to walk beside us in our grief and loss, as Job’s friends did. They were a comfort, until they started talking… beloved…. fur coats….

I remember that! We’ve walked together through a lot of life’s journey, thank you for being a beloved friend!

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